Memorizing the Quran -- long term rate

Written By Sanjir Habib On Jan-4th, 2022
Tried it out.

The Rate

It's for me 4 pages in every 3 weeks. Long term.

Break Down

It takes 3 days to memorize a page. Thus 2 pages in a week, taking one day off for revision. But after memorizing 4 pages in 2 weeks -- I HAVE TO take a week break to calm down, settle down what I have memorized, review the old pages and then get ready for the next.

Time Taken Daily

The above can be done by studying 1 hours every day. It's more like 30 minutes in the morning after Fajar for memorization. And then taking 10 minutes several time in the day and night when ever I get some free time, as in waiting for salah, to review what I am learning. That way 1 page gets covered in 3 days.

The above can't be made faster

I can give say 6 to 8 hours daily to memorize for example 2 pages everyday. And thus cover 1 juz [ 20 pages ] in 10 days. But then I shall get overwhelmed once it has finished and take a break for 3 months.

And when you count it in for the long term -- it's still 100 days for 20 pages. Aka 3 weeks for every 4 pages on average.

Therefore rushing won't make it faster. Go slow and steady and you can maintain the pace.