Written By Sanjir Habib On Oct-9th, 2021
For some reason, Java developers didn’t like writing SQL, so we introduced Hibernate which “does SQL for you”.
Hibernate creates appallingly bad SQL, so “databases are slow”. Particularly when using a getter on a lazy-loaded relationship. A query might end up taking 1ms per record instead of 10ms for 10k records.

You can rewrite all you want in Hibernate and greatly improve performance, but you often need to introduce Projections, lazy/nonlazy flags, in the end you program Hibernate more than you would have written basic SQL. Ah, also you’re writing JQL not SQL, so you need to learn “how it’s written in JQL”. But every Java developer is happy, because it’s Java. Phew, at least you didn’t write SQL!

Any storage, even file or memory storage, can perform better on production than Hibernate.

Devspeed is much faster without Hibernate. Source: I’m a founder, initiated a few apps, one is on prod making money after 2 weeks, the other one is still losing money after 18 months, guess which one uses React-Spring-Hibernate and which one used jQuery-Freemarker-Dropwizard.

But if you want competent developers, React-Spring-Hibernate makes you look young and cool.

It’s sad, because frameworks are as difficult as the maximum difficulty our developers can handle, and if they’re not, they will add a layer. Conclusion: People have no love for databases because they’ve put too many layers before them. But they are not the problem.HN.