How To : Decrystallize Honey

Written By Sanjir Habib On May-10th, 2021

What's Crystalization?

If you store honey in a refrigerator it will get white and solid. Not looking remotely like honey and appearing like it has gone wasted. And NO, just getting it out of refrigerator and putting it for a while on the table won't melt it to return to its previous liquid form.

You have to warm it up for it to return to its previous form.


Warm the honey but don't boil it. So that its ingredients don't get destroyed due to heat. One way is to sink it into a put then then gently warm the water. That didn't work for me. Too much trouble and time consuming, plus it's hard to control water temperature. You need to ensure it doesn't boil.

What worked

Put the jar in a micro oven and run it for 30 seconds. Take it out, and stir the honey with a spoon. Put it back in and run for 30 seconds again. Repeat noticing the honey gets warm but doesn't boild.

You will get back you old pure honey in minutes.


Never store honey in refrigerators. Honey stays better at room temperature.