Picture Book : Clever Bird

Written By Sanjir Habib On Dec-30th, 2017

Clever bird.

ذَكِيّ clever

That’s a nest on the tree.
And a little bird in it.
His dad and mom have flown away
To bring him few tasty grains.


عُشّ nest

The little bird looked down, on the garden.
Saw a big chained dog!
It was afraid, shaken…
And fell just in front of the dog.


أَطَلَّ look out
ضَخْم large
مَرْبُوطا tied
أَهْتَزّ shaken
سَقَطَ fell

What can the bird do?
Little ones can’t fly yet!
So what should it do?

The little bird moved away from the dog.
The chain bound dog can’t chase it.

And what’s this? A black cat?!
Next what? What can the little bird do?
The dog’s behind it, and wants to eat it.
The cat’s in front of it, and wants to eat it.
His mom and dad aren’t here!

The bird started to think fast.
He moved back towards the dog.
The cat chased it a few steps,
The bird stopped. So did the cat.
The bird stood there in that place, Where neither the dog nor the cat can reach it.

جَرَى take place
نَحْوَ towards
خَطَوات steps

Why? The chain prevents the dog from approaching forward.
And the cat is scared of the dog, can’t strike.
The bird was afraid.
But it stood in between the dog and the cat without running away.

هَجَّمَ attack

It waited until its mom and dad returned,
And flew away with it to their nest.
Clever bird!
If he wasn’t clever, the dog would have ate it.
Or the cat would have had a breakfast with the bird’s meat.

The End.